Jockey Box


Tap your favourite kegs at home! Jockey boxes allow you to pour your favourite cold beers from anywhere with no power needed.  Book a 2 tap, 3 tap or 4 tap box and serve your favourite brews, ciders or even kombucha at your next gathering.

Day based pricing : Jockey Box
$100.00 / days
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  • img C02 Tank Included

Tap your favourite kegs at home! Jockey boxes uses C02 and a steel coil cold plates to serve delicious, cold beer easily at home. Jockey Boxes available with 2, 3 or 4 taps. Each jockey box comes with one C02 tank. Using

What you need:

  • Ice – our jockey boxes run with cold plates inside the cooler that needs to get, and stay, cold by having the cooler be filled with ice. We recommend also keeping your keg cool with ice bags on top or putting the keg in a bucket filled with ice
  • your favourite kegs! Any size keg will work, cider, beer, or kombucha. These jockey boxes are for standard keg mouths only, no corny keg taps available at this time