Partner Profile: Specific Mechanical

Specific Mechanical Systems Ltd. (SpecMec) has been designing, manufacturing, and maintaining advanced brewing systems since 1984. The Victoria-based company focuses on crafting high quality breweries, distilleries, and custom metal fabrication for other industries, including pharmaceuticals and oil and gas.

Founded by two tradesmen – a welder and a machinist – the pair worked initially as contractors for a few of Victoria’s first breweries, doing maintenance and light fabrication work where needed. As the brewing industry experienced growth, the company expanded its capabilities, focusing on the manufacture of new equipment for new breweries. The company has grown to a team to over eighty-five members  and now manufactures brewing systems well over 100bbl in size.

Known for their extensive experience and customer service-focused approach, SpecMec has manufactured over 1,000 quality handcrafted systems for customers around the world. 

With the craft beer industry’s growth, we’ve grown significantly as well. Our reach is global. We’ve built systems for Asian, South American, and European customers, but our primary markets are Canada and the United States.” -Chad MacIsaac, Sales & Marketing Manager at Specific Mechanical

About 10 years ago, SpecMec began manufacturing systems for the emerging craft spirits industry, specializing in copper welding. SpecMec also invested in the development of systems automation, maintaining a staff of several automation engineers. The shop is certified by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), permitting their certified welders to build comprehensive high pressure systems for industries such as dairy, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and more. The company is moving into the cannabis extraction market as its next frontier.

Collaborating directly with clients to design, build, and install systems that are customized to a project’s requirements and needs, SpecMec offers onsite installs and commissioning for larger systems and remote support for smaller ones. 

When it became obvious that we needed a new brewhouse, we wanted to ensure that we would be able to not only maintain the beer quality and consistency that we were used to, but also use the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of our brewhouse. We were thrilled with how Specific Mechanical Systems was able to accommodate these requests and build us a brewery that incorporated heat recovery, a mash press and hot side centrifuge – and do it all on a very short timeline.” -Matt Phillips, Founder and Owner of Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.

With a team of highly skilled tradespersons and a compliment of mechanical and automation engineers, Specific Mechanical Systems is able to design, build, install, and help maintain breweries and distilleries, both small and large and manual or fully automated, for customers worldwide.

To learn more about SpecMec and their services, visit their website!