Partner Profile: Nimble Bar Co.

Nimble Bar Co. began where many relationships do— in a bar. After a bit of a disjointed start, Kyle and Nate, the company’s two drink-slinging founders, progressed from competition to cooperation.

Leaning on their years of experience in bartending and hospitality, the business partners have worked to develop the “bar school” that they wish existed when they were just starting out. Whether they’re working an event or teaching hosting venues, businesses, and organizers what makes a bar work and what doesn’t, Nimble’s mission is to “eradicate bar inefficiencies and elevate drinking culture everywhere.”

Nate and Kyle

Award-winning professional bartenders, bar consultants, marketing experts and managers, and local food and beverage talent make up Nimble’s instructor ranks. The team offers training sessions in Victoria and Vancouver regularly to impart their expertise to others.

Covering everything from pouring techniques to on-the-fly cocktail creation, even the most seasoned bartender can pick up a few new tips and tricks while improving their garnish, bitters and tinctures, and spirit, beer, and wine knowledge. Palate development, effective guest communication and assertiveness, responsible alcohol service, and how to maximize establishment or event profitability, among other topics, are also covered in Nimble’s full-service Bar School.

Gain the confidence and knowledge needed to be an entertaining, effective, and well-informed host at any event featuring a bar, no matter the setting, and step up your service game with Nimble Bar Co.

Interested in attending some classes? Find out more on their website, or follow them on Instagram.

In the Spirit of Beer returns to Lure Restaurant + Bar for another year. Join eight of Victoria’s bartenders as they get creative with mixing craft beer and Vancouver Island spirits. Each participant brings their own unique experience to the competition, showcasing their skills and flavour profiles as they create a signature craft beer cocktail. Coached and curated by Victoria Beer Week sponsor, Nimble Bar Co., the evening is set to be a concoction of clever beverage crafting.

Attendees will get to sample each bartender’s creation, accompanied by bite-sized snacks from Lure’s kitchen. Once each beer cocktail has been tried and tested, samplers get to vote for their favourite before the judges decide who deserves the victorious title of “Best Craft Beer Cocktail Creator” for another year.