GCBF Volunteer FAQ

What do I get for volunteering?
We appreciate you contributing your time to our craft beer community. As a thank you, we offer the following;

  1. a very cool GCBF ‘I’m here to help with the beer’ T-Shirt in your size
  2. a free ticket to the GCBF for the day you are NOT volunteering
  3. Shuttle + 1 ticket to the Volunteer party, complete with dinner from Food For Thought Catering, and the legendary Super Sauce band.

Can I Park near Royal Athletic Park?
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any parking at the field, so please don’t bring your car.

Can I Bring a +1 to the Volunteer Party?
Space is very limited for a volunteer party so we only are able to make room for your beautiful self. If you have a friend who want’s to come, invite them to volunteer!

Where do I get my t-shirt?
Volunteer orientation. If you absolutely can not make the orientation, please contact volunteers@victoriabeersociety.com to make alternate arrangements.

What if I can’t make my shift?
please contact your manager ASAP and let them know, and CC volunteers@victoriabeersociety.com

What if I don’t know who my manager is?
email volunteers@victoriabeersociety.com and let them know what shift you signed up for, We’ll get back to you right away!

Can I buy tokens and drink during my shift?
Absolutely not. You may not consume any alcohol or drugs before or during your shift. You will be removed immediately from the event, and all volunteer privileges will be revoked permanently.