GCBF 2022 Brewery Exhibitor Pass Requests

GCBF 2022 Brewery Exhibitor Pass Requests

Please fill out the form below to request your brewery’s exhibitor passes by Friday, August 19th, 2022.


Breweries are responsible for scheduling pouring staff throughout the festival: a minimum of 2 people at all times. Once your staff has consumed any liquor, they must immediately go off duty, and may not be identified as staff — they become an event patron, not permitted in the booths, nor behind service stations, and may not pour beer.

Each brewery can have up to 10 exhibitor passes for the weekend to be used by staff who will be pouring beer for at least part of the time. The exhibitor passes will be emailed to the breweries ahead of the time and it will be up to you to distribute them to your staff.  

Staff will have to have their exhibitor ticket scanned at the Vancouver Street gate to receive a wristband giving them site access.

If you require additional tickets for staff they may be purchased at a discounted rate, please email rebecca@victoriabeersociety.com for more details.