Fresh to Death 2019 Beer List!

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Here are the beers for this year's Fresh to Death! Have a look at the selection of fresh-hopped and seasonal beers that will be pouring during the event. You can use the search box below to search by brewery, beer, or style.

Category 12 Brewing

Fresh Data Fresh-Hopped Hazy IPA



Capturing the peak of the fresh hop harvest, Centennial and Chinook hops grown by Bredenhof Farms are gathered at their optimal freshness and transported to our brewery within hours! You can expect aromas of delicate citrus, pine and grassy notes.

Container Brewing

Pour Les Mineurs Frais


Brewed to quench the thirst of the freshly parched coal miners on the French and Belgian border. This "fresh little grey one" will do the same for you on any day, just like it did for the miners. A refreshing beer to enjoy all afternoon. Brewed with coriander, Saaz and fresh Comet hops.

Dageraad Brewing

Wet Hopped Blonde


For this very special, once-a-year version of Dageraad Blonde, centennial hops grown by the Sartori family in Chilliwack were added to the brew kettle the same day they were plucked from the vine. The hops add a fresh, juicy taste of local terroir to this classic Belgian-style ale.

Driftwood Brewery

Sartori Harvest IPA


This wet-hopped IPA can only be brewed once a year when, in the midst of the hop harvest, fresh Centennial hops are spirited from Sartori Cedar Ranch near Chilliwack to our Brew Kettle in Victoria. Sartori’s fresh hops have a delicious profile unique to the patch of land they cultivate in the Columbia Valley making this limited release singular and remarkable.

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

Chrono Wet Hop IPA



Time is of the essence. Freshly picked Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook hops from our neighbours at Crescent Island Hops in Delta, B.C. were immediately brought to the brewery and thrown into the brew within hours of picking. The magic of the fresh hops deliver a juiciness and dankness that we will never get from dried hops. Enjoy a light malt body and a citric blast from the wet hops!

Howl Brewing

Harvest Fresh Hop IPA



A well-balanced IPA with Vienna and pilsner malt character. With heavy fresh hop additions of North Saanich hops: a giant harvest from all our friends and neighbours.

Harvest Moon Pumpkin Porter



Featuring pie pumpkins roasted with olive oil, finished with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and late fresh hop additions.

Hoyne Brewing

Wolf Vine Fresh Hop Pale Ale


Humulus Lupulus, wolf vine, or more commonly, the hop plant, shares with its namesake a rather interesting trait: after a decidedly unthreatening beginning to life, upon maturity each species stakes their claim. And with neither mercy nor conscience, will tirelessly strive for, and usually achieve, total territorial domination.

Longwood Brewery

Hopposites Attract



Longwood Brewery & White Sails Brewing Collaboration
Wet Hop Pale Ale with Kveik
4 Malted Grains
4 Cee Hops

Full Patch Pumpkin Saison



This seasonal, Belgian-style Saison is not for the faint of heart. Born in a pumpkin patch and raised in the brewery, this 9% bad boy is not your grandma’s pumpkin pie. Eight slaughtered pumpkins and a whole lotta spice were boiled in a cauldron of barley, hops and anything else we could find lying around. Fly orange with full patch.

Mount Arrowsmith Brewing

Harvest Fresh IPA



Brewed fresh with locally grown Cascade and Centennial from Vancouver Island. These hops aren’t dried, but are delivered right from the farm to the brew kettle. This delicious seasonal IPA showcases the full flavours of Island grown Hops. Best enjoyed in a glass.

Off the Rail Brewing

Fresh Hop Harvest IPA



Pemberton Valley freshly picked Centennial, Cascade & Comet hops are up front and centre in this medium-bodied IPA. Subtle citrus and pine notes carry through the finish in our 2019 Fresh Hop Tribute




Fermented with German ale yeast our Kolsch salutes Octoberfest with a clean, fresh, delicious beer that blends pilsner, wheat malt and tettnanger hops. A light, easy drinking ale that finishes like a lager.

Parallel 49 Brewing

Cashmere Comet



Hazy IPA brewed with fresh Cashmere and Comet hops from Bredenhof Hop Farms in Abbotsford. Aroma/flavour of fresh cut/peeled lime and grapefruit up front with some herbal, resiny flavour. Light green fresh cut grass flavour in the finish. Light on bitterness. Lightly silky mouthfeel. Rrefreshing and easy-drinking with bright fresh hop character.

Phillips Brewing & Malting

Green Reaper



Green Reaper is a fresh hop apparition sent to collect your taste buds and guide them to the aftertaste. The hops aren't dried; they are delivered fresh to the brewhouse within 24 hours maximizing hoppy flavour. This year's edition features fresh Cascade and Centennial hops grown right here on the island at Maple Bay Hop Farm in Duncan.

Red Arrow Brewing

Sunset Empire Hazy IPA


Fresh hop flavours and aromas of lemon candy, dried peaches, oats & lemongrass. All fresh hops used to make this beer were grown by members of our annual fresh hop co-op, thanks to everyone who participated!

Small Block Brewing

RyeCycled IPA


This joint project between Cowichan Green Community and Small Block Brewing is a pale ale fresh hopped with local Centennial and Mount Hood hops from the Cowichan Valley. Spicy and caramel notes from the rye bread combine with citrus notes from the hops for a complex and refreshing flavour. This is our most environmentally friendly beer: reduce, reuse, ryecycle.

Strange Fellows Brewing

Hop Devil Fresh Hop Kellerbier



In a field of fresh hop beers populated mostly by IPAs and pale ales we decided to make an old world traditional lager. Bringing fresh hops to a Kellerbier is a bit like bringing a disco ball to a square dance. The soft malt sweetness of this beer is balanced by the bright perfume of fresh Saaz hops grown by our friends at Myrtle Meadows farm in the Pemberton Valley.

Juke Festbier



Festbier is a very traditional German style made for the Bavarian Oktoberfest celebrations. In keeping with custom and quality we’ve brewed with German-imported floor-malted grains and Continental Hallertau Tradition hops. The result is an exceptionally clean and smooth beer with a classic elegant malt character and floral hop finish.

Strathcona Beer Company




A tart, dry hopped sour ale featuring flavours of melon and tropical fruit. Fresh hopped with Cashmere hops.

Twin City Brewing




This beer started as a light wheat ale before it was acidified using our in-house culture of lactobacillus. We then blended it with tangerine puree and dry-hopped with fresh Cashmere Hops from Topp's Hops in Abbotsford, BC. Expect tart citrus up front with grassy melon-like complexity. Mouth-watering and very refreshing.

Wheelhouse Brewing

1000 Mile IPA



Small batch fresh hop IPA with Centennial hops and Ebbegarden Kveik yeast for an extra tropical fruit punch.

Living in Prince Rupert has its advantages. Access to fresh hops is not one of them. Every year at harvest time we hit the road for Chilliwack. Once we pick up the hops it's a gruelling race back to the brewery to get the fresh hops into the brew. It's more than 1000 miles between the two. We've burned through four different drivers in as many years. Enjoy this beer -- an employee basically retired because of it.

Whistle Buoy Brewing

Homegrown SMASH IPA



This beer showcases ingredients from Vancouver Island: Phillips pale malt grown on the Saanich peninsula and Centennial hops grown in Maple Bay.

Yellow Dog

Alpha Dog



Sooooooo Fresh...
This is not your average pale ale so buckle up! This juicy, hop forward beer has strong hints of grapefruit, melon and lime. It will instantly hit you with its tropical aroma followed with a crisp mouthfeel and a lingering hoppy bitterness kick. Alpha Dog will have you begging for more!