There are a million things we could talk about, but the question is, to who? Check out the list below to find the best person to contact.

Tickets and Online Store Sales

For ticketing and online store enquiries related to purchases on our website, contact us at

For ticket enquiries related to tickets purchased with our partners at Ticket Rocket, via


For membership support or enquiries, contact us at


If you are wanting to get involved in our events, please fill out our volunteer registration here. If you have a question about an active volunteer function, contact Heather, our volunteer coordinator at


If you are wanting to be a participant in our events, or have any operational enquiries about your participation in one of our events, contact our brewery liaison, Joe Wiebe, at

Community Partners and Sponsors

If you are wanting to get involved in our event experiences, contact our partnerships lead Rebecca Craig, at

Operations & Planning

If you are a service provider or are actively involved in the production of an event, please contact Rebecca Craig, our Event lead at