About VBS

Who we are

The Victoria Beer Society started as a collaborative vision shared between bar managers, beer reps, brewers, local stakeholders and chefs, all coming together with the intent to celebrate what makes our city’s craft beer scene vibrant. Victoria Beer Week launched in 2014 as an annual craft beer festival showcasing craft beer in a variety of unique venues around Greater Victoria. In 2018, the Victoria Beer Society regrouped to reflect on our achievements and assess what’s next. As a result of this process, we decided to rebrand as the Victoria Beer Society with an expanded calendar of events and new membership program developed for Victoria’s craft beer consumers. In 2019, we had the honour of producing Canada’s oldest beer festival, Great Canadian Beer Festival, which will return to Victoria in September 2024.

Our Vision

Our mandate is for education and diversity in Victoria’s craft beer landscape. With a focus on quality over quantity, the Victoria Beer Society is a membership-driven community of like-minded individuals who share a common passion for BC craft beer. We believe the consumer wants not only choice but also the opportunity to learn about what they consume.

Safe(r) Spaces

The Victoria Beer Society (VBS) operates several events in various venues, working
collaboratively with suppliers, volunteers and attendees. Our aim is to foster a culture of
inclusivity with our events, so that everyone attending and participating feels welcome,
respected and has a safe, enjoyable time

We expect every participant at our events, attendees, vendors, volunteers and staff to comply with our Code of Conduct.

VBS Membership Program

The Victoria Beer Society Membership program is an annual subscription that unlocks access to discounts on our year round events schedule as well as exclusive merchandise, challenges and discounts at one of our favourite taprooms!

What’s more, you are showing your support for diverse craft beer selection and education, so thanks for that!

How much is the VBS Membership?

The VBS Membership is a subscription product that costs $25+tax and is renewed annually on January 1st.

What benefits do you get with the VBS Membership?

Your Victoria Beer Society Membership includes
• Early access and discounts on VBS events including Victoria Beer Week, Langford Beer Festival and Great Canadian Beer Festival
• Discounts on VBS merch from our webstore and exclusive access to this year’s anniversary merch
• Rewards and bonus points in the Victoria Beer Quest App
•And 10% off any BC craft beer at our favourite Refuge Taproom

How does the subscription work?

You can buy the membership at any time of the year and it will auto-renew with the credit card on file on the 1st of January of each year. You can pause or cancel your membership at anytime by logging into your account and heading to Subscriptions.

Do I get a physical card?

No, we have gone digital! All your discounts on event tickets and merchandise is automatically applied to card when you are logged in. To collect perks outside of discounts on our website, download our app Victoria Beer Quest to have your digital membership card (to show the lovely staff at Refuge Taproom) and complete special quests and challenges for members only, earning more points and more dollars off!

I have cancelled my subscription, now what?

Your account should show “Pending Cancellation”, this means that you have successfully cancelled your subscription and will not be charged the next January 1st. It also means that you still paid for the year and have access to all the benefits until the end of the year. Come the next January 1st, your subscription status will move to “Cancelled” meaning you no longer have access to the membership benefits.

Our Team